Posted by: frodas | May 24, 2010

Second Rough Draft

What is College for?

There are an infinite amount of reasons why people pursue a college education. After the completion of high school it is natural for students to think about furthering their education at a four year College. The most common reason for people to attend a college institution is to simply extend their knowledge after high school. Often, people go to college to get a piece of paper which portrays these individuals as being worthy and ready to enter the workforce. In reality there is more than just learning new material for a diploma. Higher education allows people from all ages and background to become well rounded. The purpose of a college education can be broken down into a few different parts.

First of all, for those who are certain of what profession they would like to go into, college allows them to specialize in the field of their interest so that when transferring into a career, they will have the experience and knowledge necessary to perform their tasks efficiently, accurately, and with confidence. “Based on more than 260,000 first time freshmen from more than 400 colleges and universities nationwide, 72% of the students reported that one of the primary reasons they decided to attend college was to get a better job.”(Becker, 1993) The majority of individuals that go to college are in there to pursue a degree in a field in which they can get their dream job or one that will offer them better pay in comparison to the wages they would be earning without a college degree. “Thus, in many ways, colleges and universities function to impart skills, values, and information to students that can later be exchanged in the labor market for wages.”(Becker, 1993) Now in day, “more and more jobs require education beyond high school.”(CollegeBoard) A high school degree is no longer seen as a sufficient amount of education. As students gain knowledge through the four years in college, employers are willing to hire a college graduate over a high school graduate as it demonstrates a level of success. (Statistic showing expected earnings as a college grad vs. high school grad)

Furthermore, those who still need time to figure out their major will see college as a place that offers a large and diverse selection of classes in which they can take in order to figure out a topic or field in which they are most interested in. Through the extent of the four years, students are enriched by the education in various fields of learning offered at their college where they can then pick their major according to what they are most interested in. The curriculum in college better prepares us for the world as we touch different subjects that allow us to become more educated on different aspects of life by looking at them through new perspectives. College gives us time to learn about different cultures, values and many more things about life which are offered in our college classes. In an article by Time Magazine, Boyer is quoted on providing an insight on the essential curriculum of a four years of college should look like. The Boyer Commission on Educating Undergraduates in the Research University has a very relative perspective on college which I seem to encounter myself. “Freshmen ought then to take a yearlong English course, with emphasis on writing that should extend to other courses through all four years. The heart of those four years, he declares, should be a required core curriculum that embraces language, the arts, history, social and governmental institutions and the natural sciences. Thus everyone, regardless of individual goals, gets a base of essential common knowledge. Moreover, the major subject must be enriched with related requirements on the history of the field, its socioeconomic implications and the ethical issues it raises. If, writes Boyer, a major cannot be discussed in these terms, “it belongs in a trade school.”(Time Magazine, 1986) Without a doubt college will make a well rounded individual that can understand the many areas in life that will help them professionally and individually. Education is the key to freedom and success once a graduate enters the unpredictable real world.

Paragraph 3 – why college isn’t for everyone, more benefits of college— During the last year of high school, many students find themselves overwhelmed by the process and pressures associated with the transition of going into college to continue their education.

Conclusion- path to success (not finished/ rewrite)- add the necessity of a college education now in day.

Ultimately, college will lead to a great career for anyone upon completion of their degree. The value of a higher education is defiantly worth every cent if the financial sacrifice doesn’t go beyond the extremes. College graduates become the new leaders of society and we need educated individuals to make good decisions as it will impact future generations. The experience and education offered at college is material that is unforgettable, helping one succeed and make better decisions. Such opportunity should not be taken for granted as education is an essential part of our lives that help us become smarter and independent. After graduation, your greatest challenges have been overcome and life then can be enjoyed to the fullest while living a successful life with a career that you can enjoy.


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